tesla cybertruck 2025

The price of Tesla Cybertruck 2025 will be $51099 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

tesla cybertruck 2025 overview


The upcoming 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be a highly anticipated all-electric pickup truck that aims to disrupt the truck market with its innovative design, advanced technology, and sustainable performance. Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the 2025 Cybertruck is likely to offer further improvements and refinements, pushing the boundaries of electric truck capabilities.

Engine and Transmission:

Specific details about the powertrain options for the 2025 Cybertruck are not currently available. However, based on Tesla's previous announcements, it is expected to feature electric drivetrain options with different motor configurations, providing varying levels of performance, range, and towing capacity. Tesla's electric powertrains are known for their quick acceleration, instant torque, and efficiency, offering an exhilarating and eco-friendly driving experience.

Interior Design and Comfort:

The interior design of the 2025 Cybertruck is anticipated to continue Tesla's minimalistic approach, focusing on clean lines and simplicity. The cabin is likely to offer a spacious and versatile environment, accommodating both passengers and cargo. Comfort features such as premium seating, advanced climate control, and a user-friendly interface are expected to be included.

Exterior Design:

The 2025 Cyber truck’s exterior design is one of its most distinctive and polarizing features. It is expected to maintain the stainless steel exoskeleton, giving it a rugged and futuristic appearance. The angular and geometric lines, along with the unibody construction, are likely to contribute to its robustness and durability.


The 2025 Cybertruck is expected to come equipped with a host of advanced features and technologies. Tesla's Autopilot system, offering advanced driver-assistance capabilities, might be included to enhance safety and convenience. The truck may also incorporate a high-capacity onboard power system, enabling users to run tools or equipment directly from the vehicle.

Overall: The upcoming 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is poised to continue the legacy of its predecessor, offering an innovative and sustainable option in the pickup truck segment. With its unique design, powerful electric drivetrain, advanced features, and potential improvements, the Cybertruck aims to provide a compelling alternative to conventional trucks.

Basic Info



Model Name

Cybertruck 2025



Release Date

End of 2024

Engine and Transmission

Battery Type

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Battery Capacity

200 kWh

Motor Type

Internal Permanent Magnet - Synchronous Reluctance Motor

Motor Power

805 hp

Fast Charging Time

22 min


1033 lb-ft


250 miles


Single-Speed Automatic


Rear-Wheel Drive

Top Speed

120 mph


0-60 6.5 sec


Body Type



231.7 in


79.8 in


75  in


149.9 in

Curb Weight

5000 Ibs


Afterburner Tintcoat, Deep Aurora Metallic, Interstellar White, Meteorite Metallic

Seating Capacity

5 Seats

No of Doors

4 Doors

Steering Type

Rack Pinion

Suspensions and Tires

Front Tire Size

285/65 R18

Rear Tire Size

285/65 R18

Wheel Type

Aluminum wheel

Safety Features

Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist

Utility Feature

Adaptive air suspension will enable dropping the rear four inches (or alternately raising it, or the front, by a similar amount) to make it easier to move items into or out of the bed


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