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Honda has been a leading Japanese car maker for over 30 years in the field of electric vehicle development. It started by focusing on hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but it has recently changed its strategy to increase its presence in the electric car market. It has made some important moves to grow its electric offerings. One of them is the Honda e, a small electric car for the city with a range of up to 137 miles. Another one is the Honda Prologue, an electric SUV that will be launched in 2024. It is a product of Honda’s partnership with General Motors, using GM’s Ultium platform. Honda also has plans to make electric versions of some of its popular models, like the Accord sedan and the CR-V SUV, in the next few years. Honda’s goal is to create an electric vehicle lineup that is affordable and sustainable, matching the global trend towards reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable transportation. With zero emissions, lower operating costs, possible government incentives, and Honda is well-known reputation for reliability, the brand is ready to offer attractive options for those looking for dependable and budget-friendly electric cars in a very competitive market.

Honda Prelude EV 2023
Honda Prelude EV
  $ 43990.00

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2024 Honda e Ny1
Honda e Ny1 2024
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