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honda clarity fuel cell overview

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell all drive components fit under the bonnet: fuel cell, electric turbocharger, electric motor with reduction gear, and power electronics. The maximum system output of the Honda Clarity is 130 kW or 176 PS, the top speed is 165 km/h, during deceleration, with its high torque of 300 Nm, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds, and braking and energy flow back into the battery (recuperation). 

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell uses renewable energy such as hydro- and hydrogen without releasing any CO2 and wind or solar power instead of fossil fuel. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell on a full tank of hydrogen, FCVs are hoped to be the ultimate clean cars, FCVs can travel roughly the same distance as gasoline vehicles and the future vehicles. Honda has believed that cars in the future would be powered by hydrogen energy, engaged in the research and development of FCVs, and began basic research on fuel cells. 

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is where the chemical reaction between hydrogen, and oxygen generates electricity, and the fuel cell stack is made by stacking cells to provide the required amount of electricity. With the Clarity Fuel Cell, improved cell structure allows a 20% size reduction of each cell, and improved cell performance allows a 30% reduction of the number of cells. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell a result, it became possible to design the Clarity Fuel Cell as a 5-seater sedan. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell addition, raising maximum drive motor output by 30% to 130kW, provides a more exhilarating drive, and the FCVCU increases the maximum drive voltage from 330V to 500V. 

People want to know about Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. 

What is the top speed of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell?

The top speed is 165 km/h.

What is the electric Honda Clarity Fuel Cell available in which color?

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is available in Crimson Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, and Platinum White Pearl colors.

What is the expected price of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Electric car?

 The price of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Electric car is expected to be US$58,490.

What is the launch date of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Electric car?

The estimated launch date of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Electric car is 2021.




Clarity Fuel Cell




Electric Car

Body Style

4-door Sedan

Engine Power

174 hp @ 4501 rpm



Top speed

165 km/h


174 @


221 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm

Wheel Size

18 in x 8 in


108.3 in

Mileage In City


Seating Capacity

5 seater

No. Of Doors

4 doors


192.7 in

Front Brake


Rear Brake



4,134 lbs

Mileage On Highway


Back Suspension


Front Suspension


Tail Light





73.9 in

Charging time

1-10 hours


114 lbs


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