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Acura is a luxury car brand that Honda Motor Company owns. Acura is known for its high-quality vehicles, sporty performance, and luxurious interiors. Acura is also expanding its lineup of electric cars.
Acura first electric car, the ZDX, is scheduled to be released in early 2024. The ZDX is a luxury electric SUV that is based on the Honda Prologue electric SUV. The ZDX will have a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system that produces an estimated 500 horsepower in the Type S model. The ZDX is expected to have a range of up to 325 miles on a single charge.
The Acura ZDX is known for its sharp design, luxurious interior, and high-performance electric motors. The ZDX is also expected to be a good value for the money, as it will offer more features and performance than many other electric SUVs in its price range.
Acura has also announced a plan to electrify its entire lineup of vehicles by 2030. Acura plans to release a variety of new electric cars in the coming years, including sedans, SUVs, and even a sports car.
Acura electrification plan is a bold and ambitious move, and it shows that Acura is committed to being a leader in the electric vehicle market. Acura electric cars are expected to offer a combination of luxury, performance, and range, making them a good choice for consumers who are looking for the best of the best.
Acura electric cars are a good choice for consumers who are looking for luxurious, high-performance, and long-range electric vehicles. Acura electric cars are also a good choice for consumers who are looking for a good value for their money.

Acura ZDX 2024
Acura ZDX 2024
  $ 60000.00

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Acura ZDX 2025
Acura ZDX 2025
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