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xpeng g6 2024 Specifications

The Chinese carmaker XPeng makes the all-electric SUV known as the G6 2024. It stands for the company's dedication to providing the electric car market with cutting-edge technology, svelte design, and excellent performance. The G6 2024 offers considerable advancements over its predecessor in a number of areas.

Body and Dimensions:

The XPeng G6 2024 features a robust and aerodynamic body design, combining sharp lines with a sleek silhouette. The exact dimensions may vary, but it generally measures 187.1 inches in length, 75.6 inches in width, 65 inches in height, and 113.8 inches in wheelbase. Its curb weight will be 4619 lbs.

Battery, Charging, and Transmission:

The XPeng G6 2024 is anticipated to be powered by a 66.0 kWh battery with a dual electric motor that generates 480 hp and 324 lb-ft of torque. It will have a rear-wheel drive and a single-speed automatic gearbox. The battery can be fully charged in 10 minutes, and it can go 360 miles. Its top speed will be 125 mph.

Interior Design:

Passengers on the XPeng G6 2024 can anticipate a chic and opulent cabin. Premium materials, cosy furniture, and cutting-edge technological elements are all included into the interior design. The layout focuses on producing a cosy and user-friendly atmosphere while also being elegant and ergonomic. The SUV should provide enough headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers, resulting in a comfortable ride.

Exterior Design:

The XPeng G6 2024 has a contemporary and sporty style that exemplifies the company's dedication to both aesthetics and usability. It has a unique appearance because to the way it combines powerful LED headlights with elegant lines and a front grille. The SUV's aerodynamic design enhances its overall aesthetic appeal while enhancing efficiency and performance. A panoramic sunroof and other design features could be added to the G6 2024 to increase its attractive presence.


It is anticipated that the XPeng G6 2024 will include a variety of cutting-edge features and technology. These might feature a sizable touchscreen infotainment system with voice controls, smartphone integration, and a range of connectivity possibilities. The SUV is likely to come equipped with cutting-edge safety and convenience features including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. In order to improve the driving experience, the G6 2024 may also come equipped with high-end music systems, ambient lighting, and a number of comfort options.

Basic Info




G6 2024



Release Date

April, 2023

Battery, Charging, and Transmission

Battery Capacity

66.0 kWh

Motor Type

Dual Electric Motor

Charging Time

10 minutes


480 hp


324 lb-ft


360 miles


Single-Speed Automatic


Rear-Wheel Drive

Top Speed

125 mph

Body and Dimensions

Body Type



187.1 inches


75.6 inches


65 inches


113.8 inches

Curb Weight

4619 lbs

Seating Capacity

5 Seater

No. Of Doors

5 Doors

Tyres and Wheels

Front Tyre Size

235/60 R18

Rear Tyre Size

235/60 R18

Front Wheel Size


Rear Wheel Size


Connectivity Features

Bluetooth Connection, Navigation, Android Auto, USB Charger, Voice Control, MP3 Player, Entertainment System, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Satellite Radio, Premium Sound System, Apple CarPlay

Others Features

Intelligent obstacle avoidance, Traffic light recognition, and Automated lane-changing overtaking


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