volkswagen trinity 2026

The price of Volkswagen Trinity 2026 will be $41700 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

volkswagen trinity 2026 overview

The Volkswagen Trinity is a sedan that is set to debut in 2026. It represents Volkswagen's commitment to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive products and services.

In terms of power, the 2026 Trinity offers 450 hp thanks to its single electric motor. It is capable of reaching a top speed of 190 km/h and starts at $41700. It is equipped with a 100 kWh battery that will be able to charge from 0 to 100% in less than 20 minutes, providing a decent range of up to 435 miles on a single charge.

In terms of dimensions, the 2026 Volkswagen Trinity measures 185 inches in length. The interior of the 2026 Trinity is expected to be spacious and luxurious. It is also expected to be equipped with a number of advanced features, such as a digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system. The Trinity is expected to be very comfortable. It is expected to have a soft ride and a quiet cabin.

Safety is a top priority for Volkswagen, and the 2026 Volkswagen Trinity is no exception. It is expected to receive a 5-star safety rating, signifying its commitment to passenger safety with its robust safety features.




Trinity 2026



Release Date


Body Style


Electric Motors

Dual electric motor

Battery Capacity

100 kwh

Horse power

450 hp


All-wheel drive


435 miles

Charging time

0-100% 20 minutes


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