peugeot new 308 sw 2024

The price of Peugeot New 308 SW 2024 will be $45500 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

peugeot new 308 sw 2024 Specifications

The Peugeot New 308 SW 2024 is an upcoming model that offers a combination of sleek design, impressive performance, and modern features. Here's an overview of its body, dimensions, performance, engine, transmission, interior design, exterior, and features.

Body and Dimensions:

 The Peugeot New 308 SW 2024 is a stylish and practical station wagon, known as the SW variant. It features a streamlined body with a sporty and elegant appearance. The exact dimensions may vary, but typically the New 308 SW offers ample space for both passengers and cargo, making it an ideal choice for families or individuals with active lifestyles.


The performance of the New 308 SW is expected to be dynamic and efficient. It will likely offer a range of engine options to cater to different preferences and driving needs. Peugeot is known for producing cars with a good balance of power and fuel efficiency, so you can expect the New 308 SW to deliver an enjoyable driving experience.

Engine and Transmission:

The New 308 SW is anticipated to come with a range of engine choices, including petrol, diesel, and potentially hybrid powertrains. The specific engines available may vary depending on the market. Peugeot typically focuses on developing efficient and environmentally friendly engines, so you can expect the New 308 SW to offer a blend of power and fuel economy. It will likely be equipped with advanced transmission systems, such as manual or automatic transmissions, to provide smooth and responsive gear changes.

Interior Design:

 Inside the New 308 SW, you can expect a well-designed and comfortable cabin. Peugeot is known for its attention to detail and high-quality materials. The interior is expected to offer a modern and driver-focused layout with intuitive controls and an ergonomic design. The cabin will likely provide ample space for passengers and their belongings, along with various storage compartments for added convenience.


The exterior of the New 308 SW is expected to showcase Peugeot's signature design language. It will likely feature a bold front grille, sleek headlights, and stylish body lines that give it a contemporary and distinctive appearance. The station wagon body style offers practicality with a touch of elegance, making it a versatile and attractive option.


The New 308 SW 2024 is anticipated to come equipped with a range of advanced features and technologies. These may include a touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone integration, advanced driver-assistance systems for enhanced safety, connectivity features, premium audio options, climate control, and more. Peugeot aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable driving experience by incorporating the latest innovations into the New 308 SW.

Basic Info



Model Name

New 308 SW 2024


Coming Soon

Release Date


Engine and Transmission

Battery Type

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Battery Capacity

54.0 kWh

Motor Type

Electric Motor

Motor Power

156 hp

Fast Charging Time

7 Hrs


230 Nm


226 miles


Single-Speed Automatic

Top Speed

135 mph


Body Type



4365 mm


1859 mm


1444 mm


2675 mm

Curb Weight

2773 lbs


Avatar Blue, Cumulus Grey, Elixir Red, Nera Black, Nimbus Grey, Pearl White.

Seating Capacity

5 Seats

No of Doors

5 Doors

Steering type

Rack Pinion

Suspensions and Tires

Rear Brake


Front Brake


Front Suspension


Rear Suspension


Front Tire Size

225/40 R18

Rear Tire Size

225/40 R18

Front Wheel Size

17 in

Rear Wheel Size

17 in

Wheel Type

Alloy Wheels

Comfort Features

Seating Comfort, Climate Control, Infotainment System, Sound System, Interior Materials, Noise Insulation, Storage and Convenience, Advanced Safety Features, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and emergency braking systems, Wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Entertainment Features

Infotainment System, Audio System, USB, Auxiliary Ports, Radio, AM/FM Tuner, Steering Wheel Controls, Voice Recognition, Connectivity Options.

Safety Features

The front camera and radar, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Lane positioning assist, Active blind-spot monitoring, Automatic Emergency Braking System, Distance Alert System, Driver Attention Alert, Road Sign Recognition, and High Beam assist.


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