2023 kia e soul 39kwh

KIA e Soul 39kWh price is $40,900, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of e Soul 39kWh with detailed specifications and features.

kia e soul 39kwh overview


The 2023 Kia e-Soul is an electric compact crossover known for its distinctive design and practicality. The 39 kWh variant is likely to be a more affordable option compared to higher-capacity versions.


The performance of the 2023 Kia e-Soul will depend on its electric motor, but electric vehicles typically offer quick acceleration and smooth, silent operation.

Engine and Transmission:

Electric vehicles like the 2023 e-Soul are powered by electric motors, which provide instant torque and require no traditional transmission. It's mated a single-speed transmission.

Interior Design:

Kia often focuses on offering a user-friendly and modern interior design. The 2023 Kia e-Soul a comfortable cabin with a well-laid-out dashboard, quality materials, and advanced technology features.


The 2023 Kia e-Soul  come with supportive seats and a quiet cabin due to the absence of a traditional internal combustion engine. Features like climate control and adjustable seating will contribute to overall comfort.

Exterior Design:

The 2023 Kia e-Soul is known for its unique and quirky design. It usually features a boxy shape with distinctive headlights and taillights. The 2023 model design updates or refinements.


The 2023 Kia e-Soul come with a range of features, including advanced infotainment systems, connectivity options, driver-assistance features (like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist), and advanced safety technologies.

Battery Capacity and Range:

The 2023 Kia e-Soul with a 39 kWh battery is offer a more limited electric range compared to higher-capacity variants. However, the exact range will depend on factors like driving conditions, weather, and driving habits.

Overall: The 2023 Kia e-Soul 39 kWh is a practical and affordable electric vehicle with distinctive design elements. Its performance, range, and features make it a suitable choice for urban commuting and daily driving, but the overall satisfaction would depend on individual preferences and needs.

Basic Info




E-Soul 39kWh 2023



Made in

South Korea

Body Style


Body and Dimension


4195 mm(165.2 in)


1800 mm(70.9 in)


1605 mm (63.2 in)


2600 mm (102.4 in)

Curb weight

1510 kg(3328.98 Ib)


2600 mm (102.4 in)

Ground clearance

153mm (6.0in)


5 doors


5 Seats

Exterior Colors

Inferno Red, Snow White, Natural Blue, fusion Black, Mars Orange

Engine and Transmission

Electric Motor Type

Permanent Magnet synchronous

Location of the motor



327 V


134.1 hp @2600-8000 rpm


291.3 Ib-ft @240 rpm

Battery Capacity

39.2 KWh


Automatic single-speed

Drive Train

Front-Wheel Drive

Max Speed

97.6 mph


9.90 sec

Steering, Suspension and brake

Type of Steering mechanism

Rack and Pinion

Type of power Steering


Turning Circle

34.78 ft

Front Suspension

Shock absorbers MacPherson strut independent

Rear Suspension

Shock absorbers Multi-link strut independent

Front Brake

Ventilated disc

Rear brakes


Charging System

AC Charging

Type 2 (IEC 62196-3 FF,CCS2)

DC Charging

Type 2 (IEC 62196-2 Mennnekes, SAE J30)




Safety Features

Back-up camera, cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitor, lane departure warning, ABS, tire pressure monitor, brake assist, stability control and traction control, 4 Airbags, Front and rear sensors, 360 camera, reversing camera

Connectivity Features

The WiFi hotspot, auxiliary audio input, MP3 player

Other Features

Automatic parking, climate control, keyless entry, remote engine start, and remote trunk release, Heated and ventilated front seats, heated outer rear seats


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