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byton m-byte concept overview

The Byton brand produced the Byton M-Byte is an all-electric crossover and sedan concept car.  The car was originally called the Concept and was publicly unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. Its feature in-car gesture control technology and has a 48-inch-wide video screen. Byton M-Byte concept provides two battery packs, the standard M-Byte will have a 200 kW (268 ho 272 PS ) (RWD) battery pack and a larger 300 kW(402 hp 408PS)(4WD) pack is optional. It has used a liquid cooling battery, consisting of prismatic CATL lithium-ion cells. The electric motor has used permanent magnet synchronous motors supplied by Bosch. Its top speed is 190 mph. The driving range, as a Byton, owned estimates 250 miles for the standard battery and 325 miles for the bigger battery.  There's also a small tablet-like display on the steering wheel and a full-width display that dominates the dashboard. The company says the M-Byte concept production is 80% ready, so some of its more fanciful elements are bound to change before it hits public roads. Byton M-Byte concept offered that fast charging 0-80% up to 120 kW/150 kW in 35 minutes. The Byton M-Byte has a production facility in Nanjing, China.

Basic info



Model Name

M-Byte Concept 2023






Guangdong, China Gunsan, South Korea (Myoung Shin, 2022)

Made in

Guangdong, China

Body Style

Battery electric compact crossover five-door SUV

Maximum Speed

Top Speed

190 mph


Transmission type

1-speed fixed gear


Power output(RWD)

200 kW (268 ho 272 PS ) (RWD)

Power output(4WD)

300 kW(402 hp 408PS)(4WD)

Battery Power


72 kWh standard and 95 kWh optional

Charging Type

Charging in DC

The base model 120 kw DC

Charging in AC

11 kw AC

Motor Type

Electric Motor

permanent magnet synchronous motors

Plug-in charging

charging 0-80% up to 120 kW/150 kW in 35 minutes

Dimensions and Weight


4,875 mm


2,950 mm


2600 kg


1,665 mm


2,195 mm


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