super soco tc wanderer 2024

The price of Super Soco TC Wanderer 2024 will be AED 8,400 in UAE Dubai expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

super soco tc wanderer 2024 overview


Super Soco TC Wanderer 2024 Electric Motorcycle will be launched in November 2023. Future electric bikes like the Super Soco TC Wanderer 2024 feature modern styling, cutting-edge engineering, and eco-friendly performance. This electric bike provides a practical and effective form of transportation while lowering carbon emissions. It was created with urban commuters and adventure seekers in mind.

Design and Aesthetics:

The TC Wanderer 2024 has a sleek, contemporary design with an athletic look. It embraces the effectiveness and functionality of an electric bike while incorporating aspects of a conventional motorcycle. It is ideal for navigating through crowded metropolitan areas and taking scenic routes because to its lightweight design and small frame.

Electric Powertrain:

The TC Wanderer 2024 has a cutting-edge electric powertrain that provides a thrilling and silent ride. It is propelled by a powerful electric motor that delivers immediate torque and quick acceleration. With no need for fossil fuels, the electric drivetrain lowers operating expenses and pollutants.

Intelligent Features:

This electric bike has a number of intelligent features that improve the overall riding experience. It might have a digital display showing real-time data like speed, battery life, and estimated range. Riders may also have access to a smartphone app with cutting-edge features like GPS navigation, ride statistics, and remote control options.

Safety and Convenience:

Super Soco gave safety and convenience top priority when designing the TC Wanderer 2024. Integrated LED lights may be present to improve visibility for both the rider and other road users. It's also possible that the bike has regenerative braking, which effectively stops the bike while also assisting in battery recharging. Storage compartments, USB charging connections, and adjustable seating positions are some other practical features.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

The TC Wanderer 2024 is an electric bike that helps create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Electric motorcycles are used in place of conventional gasoline-powered motorcycles to help reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil resources. This environmentally friendly method of transport supports international initiatives to slow climate change and enhance urban air quality.

Basic Info


Super Soco


TC Wanderer 2024


Electric Bike



Release Date

November 2023

Power and Performance

Battery Type

Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity

60 V/30 Ah

Motor Power

3500 W

Motor Type

Electric Motor

Horse Power

3.4 HP (2.4 kW)


180.0 Nm (18.4 kgf-m or 132.8 ft.lbs)

Top Speed

75.0 km/h (46.6 mph)





Body and Dimensions


 Blue, Than Te Gray, Vintage Green, Kakhi Yellow

Overall Length

1984 mm (78.1 inches)

Overall Width

738 mm (29.1 inches)

Overall Height

1097 mm (43.2 inches)


1325 mm (52.2 inches)

Ground Clearance

198 mm (7.8 inches)

Dry Weight

299.0 kg (659.2 pounds)

Seat Height

776 mm (30.6 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting

Brakes and Wheels

Charging Time

3.5 hours


120 km with double battery

Front Brake

Single disc. CBS. Four-piston radial calipers

Rear Brake

Single disc. Opposed dual-piston calipers

Front Tire


Rear Tire


Tyre Type


Wheel Type


Front Suspension

Inverted telescopic fork

Rear Suspension



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