New Electric Buses In UAE Dubai , Price, Specs, And Features

Yutong E9 2023
Yutong E9
AED 1430356
Yutong E12 Pro 2023
Yutong E12 Pro
AED 2220000
Olectra C9 2023
Olectra C9
AED 1210424
Ebusco 3.0 12M 2023
Ebusco 3.0 12M
AED 2000000
Yutong ZK6125CHEVG 2023
Yutong ZK6125CHEVG
AED 1443200
YUTONG E10 2023
Yutong E10
AED 1200000
Yutong E12 2023
Yutong E12
AED 1315920
Yutong ZK5120C 2023
Yutong ZK5120C
AED 1112156
Olectra Ebus K9
Olectra Ebus K9
AED 580568
Olectra Ebus K7 2023
Olectra Ebus K7
AED 967836
Olectra Ebus K6 2023
Olectra Ebus K6
AED 483896

Electric Buses Prices in UAE Dubai, New 2024 EV Buses Models in UAE Dubai, Check most updated Electric bus market rates in UAE Dubai with Features and Full Specs.

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