rgnt no.1 scrambler sel 2024

The price of RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024 will be AED 62,488 in UAE Dubai expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

rgnt no.1 scrambler sel 2024 overview


RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024 electric motorcycle will be launched in 2023. An forthcoming electric bike called the RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024 blends modern electronics with a traditional scrambler design. It aspires to completely transform the electric riding market by giving riders a thrilling and strong ride while also emphasising sustainability and environmental friendliness. The RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024's primary attributes and technological achievements will be covered in detail in this overview.


The Scrambler SEL 2024 is built to perform admirably on both on- and off-road surfaces. Riders can experience quick acceleration and excellent top speeds with a strong electric motor. The bike's sturdy tyres and suspension system provide the smooth handling and increased stability needed for a safe and controlled ride over a variety of terrains.

Battery and Charging:

The RGNT No. 1 Scrambler SEL 2024 has a cutting-edge battery management technology that offers better energy efficiency and battery life. The battery pack may be quickly changed out for a spare or charged, allowing for longer rides with little to no downtime. The bike also enables rapid charging, reducing charging times and increasing riders' convenience.

Design and Aesthetics:

The spectacular retro-inspired scrambler design of the RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024 has tough bodywork, high-mounted exhausts, and aggressive aesthetics. It creates a visually stunning electric bike that stands out on the road by fusing the retro charm of a vintage scrambler with modern and sleek components.

Smart Connectivity:

The Scrambler SEL 2024 has smart connectivity capabilities to improve the riding experience. A companion smartphone app that it integrates with offers real-time information on battery status, range estimation, and navigation support. Additionally, riders can personalise their riding styles, get maintenance advice, and communicate with other RGNT bike owners in a community.

Safety and Convenience:

RGNT prioritises safety and outfitted the Scrambler SEL 2024 with cutting-edge safety systems. These could feature traction control, antilock braking systems (ABS), and LED lighting for better vision. The bike also includes useful features for daily commuting or longer excursions, such storage compartments and USB charging connections, to ensure ease.

Basic Information




No.1 Scrambler SEL 2024

Release Year




Body and Dimensions


Black, Green, Silver, Red


2125 mm


840 mm


1070 mm


1410 mm

Curb Weight

161.3 kg

Seat Height

810 mm


Motor Type

Hub Motor

Max Power

21 kW

Max Torque

390 Nm

Transmission Type


Top Speed

120 km/h


Front Suspension

340 mm eye to eye adjustable spring preload

Rear Suspension

35 mm Paioli Ceriani replica 120 mm travel


Front Brake

Disc 300 mm diameter floating disc 4.5 mm thickness stainless steel

Rear Brake

Disc 220 mm disc 4 mm thickness stainless steel


Swedish quality steel frame

Tires and Wheels

Front Tire Size


Rear Tire Size


Font Rim

18 x 1.85”

Rear Rim

17 x 2.50”

Electrical Specs

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

9.5 kWh

Charging Time

6 Hours


148 km


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