2023 New VinFast Electric Car Price In Saudi Arabia , Full Specifications And Features

Motowheeler providing the latest 2023 VinFast Electric Car Prices in Saudi Arabia and Full Specifications, Features, and release date of New Models of VinFast Electric Cars 2023. VinFast is a member of Vingroup, the largest private corporation in Vietnam. It has become the #1 car seller in all competing segments within 21 months of launching in Vietnam, and VinFast will launch smart EVs globally in 2023. Vinfast focuses on thoughtful design highest safety standards, seamless customer experience, superior craftsmanship, and intelligent Infotainment with lifestyle personalization. VinFast brought together the best design, manufacturing, and technology to create the new VF e34, VF e35, and VF e36 all-electric SUVs. By adopting a human-centric design approach, it has been able to use its advanced technology in the service of a simple goal to improve the lives of the people who drive VinFast vehicles towards a more sustainable future; that means its number one priority is ensuring to help the world make the switch to cleaner, more sustainable electric vehicles. VinFast, a new and the first local vehicle manufacturer in Vietnam, has taken the initiative to have their cars assessed by ASEAN NCAP. In just about 3 years, VinFast already has a compelling lineup of automobiles (executive sedan, luxury crossover, SUV, city car) and electric motorbikes. After capturing a good chunk of the Vietnamese market, Vinfast expands internationally to Australia, Canada, and America. Vietnamese carmaker VinFast could add other markets in 2023 to expand its European strategy beyond a planned debut in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland, France, and Austria.

Vinfast VF 8 Plus 2023
Vinfast VF 8 Plus
SAR 217,500
Vinfast VF 8 Eco 2023
Vinfast VF 8 Eco
SAR 1,875,000
Vinfast VF 9 Plus 2023
Vinfast VF 9 Plus
SAR 318,750
Vinfast VF9 Eco 2023
Vinfast VF 9 Eco
SAR 292,500

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