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lion 6 overview

Lion 6

Lion currently has hundreds of electric heavy-duty vehicles on the road with more than 7 million zero-emission miles driven. An electric truck is an electric vehicle powered by batteries designed to transport cargo, carry specialized payloads, or perform other utilitarian work. AC power energizes the electric motor and creates torque. Rotational energy is fed into the electric powertrain, which causes the wheels to turn and the vehicle to accelerate. In addition to standard braking, the truck can be stopped via brake recuperation, also known as regenerative braking in passenger EVs. Lion 6 truck has range of almost Up to 200 miles. Its Initial Battery Capacity Up to 252 kWh. Lion 6 has Electric motor Engine that produces 250 kW ( 335 HP ) with a torque of 2,500 Nm ( 1,800 ft-lb ). Electric Truck perform better than diesel, which means that they use less energy, produce less greenhouse gas emissions, and come with lower costs. There are also instances where the total cost of operating an electric Truck is less than that of a diesel vehicle.

Basic info






Heavy Duty Truck

Made in



Cabin Length

79 in

Battery Capacity

Up to 252 kWh


Up to 200 miles

Cabin Height

105 in


212 in

Engine and Transmission

Motor & Inverter

SUMO MD - 6 phases

Dana TM4

Max power

250 kW ( 335 HP )

Engine torque

2,500 Nm ( 1,800 ft-lb )

Charging Time

Minimum 2 hours


Direct drive

No transmission

Speed and Suspension

Front Axle

12,500 lb

Rear Axle

20500 lb

Top speed

65 mph


Air/Spring suspension



Hydraulic or air disc brakes


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