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The price of Talaria Dragon 2024 will be $10000 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

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The New Talaria Dragon Aims to Redefine Electric Off-Road Motorcycling. The electric motorcycle industry is changing quickly, and the latest buzz is about the Talaria Dragon, an electric enduro bike unveiled at EICMA 2023. This bike isn’t just another addition to the electric lineup; it’s a game-changer in off-road biking, promising a blend of high performance and eco-friendly technology.


The heart of the Dragon is its mid-drive electric motor, which delivers a nominal power of 10 kilowatts (about 13.4 horsepower). However, the real thrill comes from its peak power of 28 kilowatts (38 horsepower), combined with the instant throttle response typical of electric motors. This makes the Dragon a formidable ride, not recommended for beginners.


Its top speed is electronically limited to 110 kilometres per hour (69 miles per hour), striking a balance between excitement and safety. The bike’s battery is equally impressive, boasting an 88.8-volt, 58.5-amp-hour pack. This provides a range of approximately 150 kilometres (94 miles) on a single charge, assuming an average speed of 25 kilometres per hour (15.6 miles per hour). The charging time is reasonably quick, taking only four hours.


The Dragon also features three ride modes: Eco, Sport, and Hyper, catering to different riding preferences and conditions. The long-travel suspension system, with a fully adjustable Air+Spring fork and a linkage-type rear shock, ensures a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. Standard enduro/dual-sport tires, along with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, enhance its off-road capabilities.

Basic information




Dragon 2024

Release date



Electric Off-Road motorcycling



Made in


Riding modes

Eco, Sport, and Hyper



Mid-drive electric motor

Nominal power

10 kilowatts (about 13.4 horsepower)

Peak power

28 kilowatts (38 horsepower),

Top speed

110 kilometers per hour (69 miles per hour)


88.8-volt, 58.5-amp-hour pack


150 kilometers (94 miles) on a single charge

Average speed

25 kilometers per hour (15.6 miles per hour)


Front wheel

21 inches in front

Rear wheel

18 inches in rear

Front fork  

long-travel suspension system, with a fully adjustable Air+Spring fork

Rear shock

a linkage-type rear shock


Standard enduro/dual-sport tires


front and rear hydraulic disc brakes


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