evoke 6061 ct urban cruising 2024

The price of Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising 2024 will be $24600 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

evoke 6061 ct urban cruising 2024 overview


Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising 2024 will be launched in 2023.A new electric bike called the Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising will be available in 2024. This new vehicle, created by renowned electric mobility designer Evoke, promises to provide an exciting and environmentally responsible urban commuting experience. The Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising aspires to revolutionise urban transportation by combining a sleek and contemporary design with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology to offer a practical and pleasurable alternative to conventional gasoline-powered cars.

Electric Powertrain:

The Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising's sophisticated electric powertrain is its soul. The bike has a high-performance electric motor that is intended to provide a powerful and smooth riding experience. Riders can easily manoeuvre through city traffic and tackle inclines thanks to the motor's power output and torque being optimised for urban riding. A green option for urban mobility, the electric power system also guarantees silent operation and no tailpipe emissions.

appearance and Construction:

The Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising caters to the aesthetically-conscious urban rider with its sleek and simple appearance. The bike's frame is made of a strong and lightweight aluminium alloy (6061 grade), which offers the ideal combination of strength and agility. Long trips are made comfortable for riders because to the ergonomic design, and the urban cruising motif adds a touch of class.

Connectivity and Smart Features:

The Evoke 6061 CT Urban Cruising incorporates smart technology and offers a variety of connectivity features to improve the riding experience. Speed, battery life, and trip information are all provided on an easy-to-use LCD display. Riders can also use Bluetooth to link their cellphones, giving them access to call notifications, music streaming, and navigation apps while keeping their hands on the handlebars.

safety attributes:

Evoke places a high priority on rider safety, and the 6061 CT Urban Cruising has a number of safety measures. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) guarantees accurate braking, particularly in emergency situations or on slick surfaces. Headlamps and taillights with LED lighting systems improve visibility and make the bike stand out to other drivers.

alternatives for customising:

Evoke appreciates the value of customisation, and the 6061 CT Urban Cruising provides a number of alternatives for customising. Riders can customise the bike to fit their unique preferences and style by choosing from a variety of colour schemes and accessory packages.

Basic Info




6061 CT Urban Cruising 2024


Electric Bike



Release Date


Power and Performance

Motor type

Permanent magnet multi-wound synchronous motor

Battery Type

Lithium-ion Prismatic Battery

Battery Capacity

14.9 kWh

Horse Power

80 hp

Top Speed

230 Km

Body and Dimensions

Seat Height

740 mm


320 kg

Ground Clearance

185 mm


2350 mm


1120 mm


820 mm

Brakes and Wheels

Charging Time

30 minutes

Braking System


Front Brake

Disc brake

Rear Brake

Disc brake

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


Front Wheel

Multi spoke

Rear Wheel

Multi spoke


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