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2022 Volvo 9400XL Coach

Volvo is a Swedish vehicle maker which became in 1968. It is the world's largest bus manufacturer, with a complete range of heavy buses for passenger transportation. Volvo 9400XL 6x2 multi-axle Luxury coach takes this high performance to the next level. It is modern in design and styling, it is an advanced transport solution for drivers and passengers. It has a Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder, 9.4-liter diesel engine that produces 340 horsepower at 1900 rpm, and maximum 1600 Nm torque at 1100-1500 rpm and its top speed is 100 km/h. The Volvo 9400XL  coach bus has a manual 6-speed gearbox transmission system, The ZF 6S 1600 with 6 forward and 1 reverse speed, the gearbox system is lighter due to aluminum housing, That very comfortable for the driver. The Volvo Coach’s Fuel Tank capacity is 600 liters with filling options on both sides. The outside look of the vehicle is so beautiful and stylish and also eye-catching. Its exteriors extend into spacious interiors, beautiful travelers’ from all walks to enjoy the Volvo 9400 6×2, experience. The bus combines form and functions with style and comfort that taking a bus to new heights. Volvo Luxury Bus designed with these main safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System, Parking brakes, tubeless tyres, Power steering, Seat belts, and Hill hold.

Basic Info




9400XL Coach



Made In



Engine Type

Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder, 9.4-litre diesel


9360 cc

Output Power

D9B 340 257 kW (340 hp) @ 1900 rpm


1600 Nm @ 1100 – 1500 rpm

Fuel Tank

600 Liters

Emissions Class

Euro 3

Turning Radius (mm)

10500 mm

Max Speed

110 km/h



6-speed manual, fully synchronised


Hydraulic retarder, RET120


Full Air

Braking System

Disc brakes with EBS 5

Dimension and Body


7174 mm

Overall Length

13700 mm

Overall Width


Overall height


Front Overhang

2850 mm

Rear Overhang

2840 mm

Ground Clearance

270 mm


25000 kg

Seat Type

Reclining laterally adjustable seats

No. of Seat


Seating Layout


Passenger Door

Pneumatically operated out swing door

Side Window

Curtains on windows

Entertainment Package

LED Screens, DVD player, Radio/USB, Speakers with sub-woofers

Front Tyre

295/80 R 22.5 PR

Rear Tyre

295/80 R 22.5 PR




Front Brakes

Disc Brakes

Rear  Brakes

Disc Brakes

Suspension and Axle

Front Suspension

Air Suspension

Rear Suspension

Air Suspension

Front Axle

Rigid axle

Rear Axle

First rear Axle: Single reduction, Hypoid gears axle/Second rear Axle: Pusher type axle

Safety and Other Features

ABS, Parking Brakes, Power steering, Fog lights, Seat belts, Hill Hold, Emergency exit, first aid kit, hatrack, and luggage Boot.


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