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Vauxhall is a German automobile manufacturer brand which been a subsidiary of Stellantis since 16 January 2021. Vauxhall will be going all-electric by 2028, its new electric model Opel Manta-e was unveiled earlier in 2021, but it's expected by 2025. The company announced parent company Stellantis' EV Day live stream, The Manta E, which the automaker promised would arrive by the middle of the decade. Opel also took the opportunity to tease a new sporty car. Opel Manta-e will be updated with a 147-horsepower EV powertrain, five-speed manual, and LED exterior lighting. 

However, the Manta E will likely take a more modern form, with a canopy-like passenger cabin, advanced materials, and a cab-forward appearance. The Manta's plan sees that on future versions of the Chrysler 300, Maserati Grecale, and Alfa Romeo Stelvio, while STLA Frame will be relegated to hard-working pickups and vans.

The Opel fits the small 31.0-kWh battery pack in Manta-e, which can be recharged at 9 kW, limiting the range to a modest 125 miles, but it also helps keep weight at around 2500 pounds. This EV provides far more grip than the original wheel rubber. Its top speed is 150 mph. The interior is enhanced with ultra-futuristic display panels, the original airbag-less steering wheel gets a 12-o'-clock mark, and the headliner is now clad with Alcantara. As a fun touch, the recuperation rate can be adjusted with a classic slider positioned below the central screen.

The interior is enhanced with ultra-futuristic display panels, the headliner has now clad with Alcantara, and the original airbag-less steering wheel gets a 12-o'-clock mark. The top speed is 150 mph.


Release Date


Model Name

Opel Manta-e



Body Style


Top Speed

150 mph


31.0 kWh lithium-ion battery

Electric Motor


Plug-in charging













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