porsche mission x concept 2025

The price of Porsche Mission X Concept 2025 will be $2000000 expectedly, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be update on official announcement.

porsche mission x concept 2025 Specifications

The planned electric concept car Porsche Mission X Concept demonstrates Porsche's outlook on the direction of electric mobility. As a concept vehicle, certain elements could change, however the following is an outline based on the information currently available:

Body and Dimensions:

The Porsche Mission X Concept features a sleek and aerodynamic body design, inspired by the brand's iconic sports cars. The dimension of the car is 177.0 inches of length, 78.7 inches of width, 47.2 inches of height, and 107.4 inches of wheelbase. Its curb weight will be 3,353 lbs.


With the help of Porsche's engineering prowess and the strength of electric motors, the Mission X Concept aspires to produce remarkable performance. It will be battery capacity is 270 kWh. It is believed to include an rear-wheel drive dual-motor system that will provide great acceleration and handling. The concept car is probably going to be focused on high performance, allowing for rapid sprints and exciting driving experiences.

Engine and Transmission:

The Mission X Concept is anticipated to be an entirely electric car with a cutting-edge electric drivetrain. The Mission X Concept is anticipated to gain from Porsche's experience in electric drivetrains, which is well recognized, as well as their improvements in battery and electric motor efficiency. In 20 minutes, the battery will be fully charged. The transmission is 6-speed manual and its range will be 200 miles. It has a top speed of 197 mph.

Interior Design:

It is believed that the interior of the Porsche Mission X Concept would combine aspects of luxury, sportiness, and futuristic design. It is probably going to have a cockpit that is driver-focused and has cutting-edge digital displays and controls. In the cabin, premium materials like leather and carbon fibre are anticipated to be employed.

Exterior Design:

Porsche's design aesthetic is regarded for being classic and eminently recognisable, and the Mission X Concept is anticipated to uphold this legacy. The exterior will probably feature an athletic, streamlined shape with improved aerodynamics. The overall look of the concept car may include distinguishing Porsche design cues like the sculpted body lines and prominent front grille.


It is anticipated that the Porsche Mission X Concept will include cutting-edge features and technology. A user-friendly infotainment system with touchscreen displays, connectivity possibilities, and smartphone integration may be among them. Additionally anticipated are safety technologies including automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. The Mission X Concept may also feature rapid charging for on-the-go charging that is quick and easy.

Basic Info




Mission X Concept 2025



Made In

Stuttgart, Germany

Battery, Motor, and Charging

Battery Capacity

270 kWh

Motor Type

Dual Electric Motor


200 miles

Charging Time

20 minutes

Performance and Transmission


443 hp


6-Speed Manual


Rear-Wheel Drive

Top Speed

197 mph

Body and Dimensions

Body Type

Sports Cars


177.0 inches


78.7 inches


47.2 inches


107.4 inches

Curb Weight

3,353 lbs


Kalahari Gray, and Rocket Metallic

Seating Capacity

2 Seater


Front Wheel Size

20 inch

Rear Wheel Size

21 inch


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