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After a long wait, Avatr 11 has finally been launched in China. Avatr is a joint project between Changan New Energy, CATL, and Huawei. The Avatr 11 got 578 hp, a CLTC range of 680 km, and a starting price of 349,900 RMB (51,800 USD). The first deliveries will begin in December this year. Let's get familiar with Avatr 11. Avatr, a joint venture between Changan and NIO, was introduced in 2018. NIO eventually left the JV. NIO was displaced as the second-largest shareholder by CATL. Currently, CATL owns 17.1% of the shares, while Changan owns 40.9 %. Huawei does not own any Avatar stock, it should be noted. It exclusively looks after the avatars' hardware and software for networking, infotainment, and autonomous driving. Huawei also provides electric motors and a few other components. Avatr recently disclosed that it would work with BP, a British oil firm, to develop a high-speed charging network in China. Avatar advances swiftly overall. Let's now learn more about its first EV.

Let's begin with some fundamental information about Avatar 11. Avatr 11 has the following dimensions: 4880 mm in length, 1970 mm in width, 1601 mm in height, and a 2975 mm wheelbase. The engine consists of two electric motors with a combined output of 650 Nm and 425 kW (578 horsepower). The front engine produces 195 kW (265 horsepower), and the rear engine produces 230 kW. (313). Huawei produces each one. The Avatr 11 accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.98 seconds. The top speed is capped at 200 km/h.

Two optional ternary (NMC) batteries made by CATL are available for the 11. For 555 km of CLTC range, the entry-level battery has a capacity of 90.38 kWh. The top trim level features a 116.79-kWh battery with a range of 680 kilometers. Additionally, the Avatr 11 can charge at 240 kW. It can therefore recharge 200 kilometers in 10 minutes. Avatr 11 is available in seven exterior colors: Black, Light grey, Foggy green, Clean White, Red, Dark Grey, and Snow-white.


The Avatr 11 is equipped with the AVATRANS intelligent driving technology. Thirty-four distinct sensors, including 3 LiDARs, are included. This machine has 400 TOPS of processing power. According to Avatr, its intelligent driving technology will be practical on motorways, city streets, etc. It enables features like pedestrian identification, traffic light recognition, and lane change assistance. It's important to note that some of the features demand a subscription.

The Avatr 11's interior is sleek and contemporary. Three screens are in its middle console. The size of the primary monitor is 15.6 inches. Huawei's Harmony OS powers it. Some advantages of this system include voice and gesture control. Both the passenger screen and the instrument panel have a 10.25-inch diagonal. The sporty steering wheel for the Avatr 11 is hexagonal. The center tunnel has concealed cup holders and a sizable wireless charging pad for two phones.

It has a 12-channel power amplifier and 14 speakers. It also has installed ASE (Active Sound Enhancement) and RNC (Road Noise Cancelation) systems. The interior of the Avatr 11 comes in four color schemes: Black, Dark Black, Light Gray, and Burgundy.




Avatr 11



Release Date


Body Type


Battery Type


Battery Capacity

Dual: 90.38 kWh & 116.79 kWh

Charging Time

charge up 200 km in 10 minutes.


Dual Electric Motors

Motor Power

425 kWh (578 hp)

192 kW (265 hp)

Max. Torque

650 Nm

313 Nm




All-Wheel Drive

Electric Range

90.38 kWh for 555 km

116.79-kWh battery of 680 km

Top Speed

200 km/h


3.98 sec

Wheels Type


Front/Rear Wheel Size


Front Suspension


Rear Suspension


Front/Rear Tire


Fuel Tank Capacity



4880 mm


1601 mm       

Max Width

1970 mm


2975 mm       

Curb Weight


Seating Capacity



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