2023 kinetic green safar smart e auto

Kinetic Green Safar Smart E Auto price is $5,220, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Safar Smart E Auto with detailed specifications and features.

kinetic green safar smart e auto Specifications


The Electric 2023 Kinetic Safar Smart Electric Auto is an environmentally friendly and efficient electric three-wheeler produced by Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India. This electric auto-rickshaw.

Electric Powertrain:

The Kinetic Safar Smart Electric Auto is powered by an advanced electric powertrain that replaces the traditional internal combustion engine. It features an electric motor driven by electricity stored in a high-capacity battery pack. This electric powertrain ensures zero tailpipe emissions, reduced noise pollution, and improved energy efficiency, making it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional auto-rickshaws.

Battery and Range:

The electric auto-rickshaw is equipped with a reliable and high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack. The exact battery specifications and range may vary depending on the model and configuration. Typically, the Safar Electric Auto offers a driving range of around 80 to 100 kilometers on a single charge, making it suitable for short to medium-distance urban commuting.


Charging the Electric 2023 Kinetic Safar Smart  Electric Auto is convenient and accessible. The vehicle supports standard charging through household power outlets or dedicated charging stations. The charging time may vary depending on the battery capacity and the charging infrastructure used. 

Performance and Handling:

The electric powertrain of the Kinetic Safar Smart Electric Auto delivers smooth and responsive performance. The electric motor provides instant torque, enabling quick acceleration and efficient maneuvering in urban traffic. The compact design and agile handling of the auto-rickshaw allow for easy navigation through congested streets and tight corners, providing a comfortable and convenient riding experience.

Comfort and Convenience:

The cabin of the Kinetic Safar Smart Electric Auto is designed with passenger comfort and convenience in mind. The seating arrangement provides ample space and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. The vehicle may also feature additional amenities such as a spacious storage compartment, easy-to-use controls, and a clear instrument cluster for enhanced convenience.

Safety Features:

Safety is a top priority for Kinetic Green, and the Electric 2023 Kinetic Safar Smart  Electric Auto is equipped with essential safety features. These may include a robust braking system, seat belts, and compliance with safety regulations. 

Maintenance and Affordability:

The Electric 2023 Kinetic Safar Smart  Electric Auto offers the advantage of lower maintenance costs compared to conventional auto-rickshaws. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and do not require frequent oil changes or tune-ups, reducing maintenance requirements and costs. 

Overall, the Electric 2023 Kinetic Safar Smart  Electric Auto is a sustainable, efficient, and affordable electric three-wheeler that offers a clean and reliable transportation solution for urban and rural areas. 

Basic Info




Safar Smart E Auto 2023

Body Type

Auto Rickshaw

Seating Capacity

4+D Seater

Battery and Performance

Battery Type

Lithium-ion battery


48 V

Battery Capacity

4kwh, Lead Acid: 140 Ah

Charging Time

2 hrs

Top Speed

25 mph

Certified Range

100 km

Motor Type


Motor Power

1.2 kw


Overall Length

2785 mm

Overall Width

998 mm

Overall Height

1790 mm


2000 mm

Ground Clearance

220 mm




Front Brake

130mm Brake Drum

Rear Brake

160mm Brake Drum


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