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Canoo Van

Canoo automotive manufacturer produces the Canoo Van is a fall-electric vehicle. Canoo’s full plan won't be in effect until sometime in 2021 and while beta testing for the subscription service started this week. Canoo's plan has two main components: obviously, the vehicle itself and the subscription model. Here’s what we know about the Canoo EV since we didn't learn much about the subscription process. The Canoo is a boxy, spacious vehicle that has room for seven in seats that are "designed to feel more like furniture than traditional car seats." It is described as a "loft on wheels" based on the philosophy that "there is no need for EVs to look like traditional cars.” The segmented back seat," while the design for the front seats is intended to draw from the looks of mid-century-modern chairs, there's talk in the company announced that the rear seats are "more like a sofa to lounge on than a cramped. It dispenses with any mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels and Canoo promises the Canoo "will be the first true steer-by-wire vehicle on the market." Its riders use their own phone to control things that don't actively move the vehicle, such as navigation, music, and heating and cooling and while the driving components are built into the car. It includes seven cameras, five radars, and with higher levels promised "as the technology evolves, it also has plenty of autonomous-assistive techs, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and to offer Level 2 autonomy at first. Then adding in insurance and gas and all of the other costs that come with owning a car, Canoo says you might end up paying over $900 a month, all told, " and starting with a few assumptions about leasing a luxury SUV. Compare that to the simple monthly fee Canoo plans on charging, with maintenance and insurance and other fees included, and you can see why it's worth watching. You may be able to find the same content in another format, on their website and you may be able to find more information. The price of the Canoo Van Electric car is $34,750.



Model Name




Body Style


Top Speed

125 mph


60 kWh and 80 kWh


200 miles




173 inches long



Curb Weight

4,450 lb 


64 inches wide


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